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 So...I have been seeing all these bucket lists and watching the 101 in 1001 day.   I am just fascinated by these...I have never really kept a list, I think I just know where I am going; I make lists then of what I want to see and do.  So now I am just going to start a list.  Wish me luck! 1. Declutter the house 2. Finish all crafts started 3.  Visit all seven continents-  1/7 done-North America 4. Learn to crochet/knit. 5. Would love to publish a book... 6. Retire 7. Travel 8. Be around for my son's wedding/first child 9. Find love 10. Ride a train 11. Opera 12.  Hot Air Balloon Ride 13.  Christmas Market and especially in Europe 14.  Drink Absinthe 15.  Go on a cruise 16.  Winery tour 17.  Ride in Horse drawn Sleigh/carriage 18.  Go to Native American Pow Wow 19.  Pick Apples 20.  Attend outdoor concert  (Red Rocks) 21. Attend a Rodeo-- done: Augusta 22. Learn how to grill/buy a grill 23. Go to MLB game-- done Colorado Rockies 24.  Go to NFL game-- done Minnesota Vikings 25. Go t

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