So...I have been seeing all these bucket lists and watching the 101 in 1001 day.   I am just fascinated by these...I have never really kept a list, I think I just know where I am going; I make lists then of what I want to see and do.  So now I am just going to start a list.  Wish me luck!

1. Declutter the house

2. Finish all crafts started

3.  Visit all seven continents-  1/7 done-North America

4. Learn to crochet/knit.

5. Would love to publish a book...

6. Retire

7. Travel

8. Be around for my son's wedding/first child

9. Find love

10. Ride a train

11. Opera

12.  Hot Air Balloon Ride

13.  Christmas Market and especially in Europe

14.  Drink Absinthe

15.  Go on a cruise

16.  Winery tour

17.  Ride in Horse drawn Sleigh/carriage

18.  Go to Native American Pow Wow

19.  Pick Apples

20.  Attend outdoor concert  (Red Rocks)

21. Attend a Rodeo-- done: Augusta

22. Learn how to grill/buy a grill

23. Go to MLB game-- done Colorado Rockies

24.  Go to NFL game-- done Minnesota Vikings

25. Go to NHL game

26.  Improve my vinyl record collection

27.  update and improve remaining rooms in house

28. Go to Disneyland/Disney world. --done

29.  Swim in an infinity pool

30.  See Northern lights

31. Go to Stonehenge

32.  Go to New Orleans, extra points if during Mardi Gras, listen to Jazz, Bourbon St

33.  Go to Greece (Acropolis, sunset in Santorini

34. Go to Rome (coliseum, Sistine chapel

35. Go to Ireland (sleep in castle, blarney stone, 

36.  Visit New York (Grand Central station, Times square, Statue of Liberty

37.  Fix up the backyard

38. Organize all photos and save to external hard drive

39.  Watch Sunrise/Sunset on the same day.  --done Belize and frequently at home

40.  Go to a festival. -- Renfair

41.  Go to Isle of Skye, see fairy pools

42.  Visit a "dark tourist" hotspot  (ex: Ground Zero, Berlin, Auschwitz, Pearl Harbor)

43.  Get wills/life insurance/ etc  together

44.  Learn a foreign language

45.  Make a family cookbook

46.  Have 72 hour kit, and sufficient cash

47.  Visit Alaska

48.  See 10 Classic movies

49.  Ride a Ferris wheel

50.  Swim in ocean--done both Atlantic and Pacific

51.  Jump into a pool fully clothed and skinny dip. (pushed by Brian Barnes, Diamond Bar X)

52. Walk on Black sand beach (Black Sands beach, Ca, Greece/Hawaii)

53. Eat Fondue

54. Go Whale watching.  done Massachusetts

55.  See a Ballet

56.  Kiss in rain

57.  See a coral reef-- done Belize

58.  Go to a drive in movie. -- done Pueblo

59. See Niagara Falls. --done

60. See Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC

61.  Olympic games--anywhere

62. Go to England (City of Bath, Buckingham Palace, changing of guards, Tower of london

63 Go to Scotland (Loch Ness

64 Go to Egypt (pyramids of Giza/Nile

65 Go to France (Notre Dame, Versailles, Eiffel Tower, love locks, lavender fields

66  Go to Germany ( genealogical,

67  See Taj Mahal

68 Go to Italy (venice. Trevi fountain, leaning tower pisa, sleep in tuscan villa, gondola ride

69 Go to Russia (genealogical trip, St Petersburg

70.  Visit National Parks all 61? (Grand Canyon, Mammoth Cave, Statue of Liberty, Yosemite

71.  Champagne Pool, New Zealand

72.  Attend a Unique small town festival--(done in Vermont)

73. Climb to top of lighthouse

74. fly first class

75. Go on a safari

76.  Go to an Aquarium- done (Denver, # on east coast)

77.  Pan for gold-- done Ghost towns in Montana

78.  See a spectacular fountain (Bellagio?

79.  Attend a luau

80.  Celebrate a holiday in a different country

81.  Sleep in ice hotel

82. Sleep in an overnight train (orient express?)

83. Stay at a Dude Ranch ( done-lived and worked at one in Montana)

84. Take a trip with Mom- done only wish she was around to do more

85.  Tour a Mayan ruin- Belize and Guatemala

86.  Tour a Vineyard

87.  Travel internationally--done Mexico and Belize

88. Visit a Castle--done  Bishops Castle in Colorado

89.  Visit a Ghost Town--done  Montana

90.  Visit all 50 states

91. Lay on the 4 corners

92. Visit White House in DC (I've seen it from outside)

93.  Visit Arlington Cemetery, done during Veterans day celebration

94.  Visit Memorials in DC

95. Visit Seattle--done in high school

96.  Sleep in overwater bungalow--Bora Bora

97. Walk the Great Wall of China

98.  Visit Japanese Gardens in Kyoto

99. See Niagra Falls--done 1998

100.  See Biltmore Estates, North Carolina

101. Explore Badlands National Park, South Dakota

102.  Visit Mount Rushmore-- done with Gavin

103. Visit Grand ole Opry, Nashville

104. Visit Alamo, Texas

105, Visit Charleston, South Carolina

106. Visit Pikes Peak Market--done in High school

107.  Take my niece to see Mothman

108. See Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz

109. Visit Anthony Chapel in Garvan Woodland Gardens, Arkansas

110.  Drive Pacific Coast Highway, California (more points for in a convertible)

111.  Hollywood Walk of fame

112.  Walk on Glass Beach, California

113.  See Redwoods in California

114.  Ride a Cable car in San Francisco

115. Wine tasting in Napa Valley

116.  Visit Great Sand Dunes Colorado

117.  Visit ice castles at Silverthorne, Colorado

118.  Explore Everglades, Florida--done canoed with alligators, drove thru Alligator Alley

119.  See Manatees in Florida-- done  

120. Visit Maine

121.  Visit Boston, spend night Martha's vineyard

122.  Explore Ozark caverns , Missouri

123. Visit Las Vegas ( strip, fountains

124. Experience Fall foliage in New England--done

125. Visit Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

126.  Ride in Limo

127.  Go in a submarine--done Connecticut

128.  Take a Yoga class

129.  Throw an axe

130.  Own a classic car

131.  Take a belly dancing class

132.  Read banned books- 1984, Animal Farm, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in Rye, Lord of Flies, Are you there God, It's me Margaret

133.  Read classic novels

134. Read a story to a child

135, Read a trilogy

136.  Explore a cave--done Belize.

137.  Go clamming

138.  Relax in a natural hot spring

139.  Whale Watching--done  Massachusetts

140.  Attend High School Reunion--done  10/30 yrs

141.  Be a bridesmaid and Maid of Honor

142. Get engaged

143. get married

144.  Kiss a stranger

145 Meet someone famous

146, meet a president

147.  Attend WWE match--done

148.  Be in a commercial--done for Compuxparts

149.  Do a body shot--done many in college

150. Go to movies by myself--done Bohemian Rhapsody

151. Go to Renaissance Festival--done in Larkspur Col, and in Florida

152. Be in newspaper--done

153.  Pose with a figure at a wax museum

154.  Learn to line dance

155.  Se a ballet

156.  Watch a space shuttle launch in person

157.  Order room service

158. Attend a tea tasting--done twice at Glen Eyrie Castle

159.  Drink at an Ice bar

160.  Eat Caviar

161.  Eat Oyster raw

162.  Make a gingerbread house

163.  Make cheese

164. Make fresh pasta

165.  Eat Alligator-- done in Florida

166, Eat beef tongue--done in College

167. Eat edible flowers and learn what can eat

168.  Eat Rocky Mountain oysters--done YUM!

169.  Experience Amish Country

170.  Find a 4 leaf clover

171.  Get DNA test

172.  Slide down a firehouse pole

173.  Make Fondue

174.  Go horseback riding on a beach

175.  Take a girls weekend with my besties

176.  Go to an Irish pub and hear a local Irish band--done Jack Quinns

177  Grow a garden

178.  Wear a vintage dress

179.  buy myself flowers for no reason

180.  Walk inside a giant Sequoia Tree

181.  Eat a Authentic Italian Meal in Italy, drink wine

182.  Go dancing in cowgirl boots

183.  Dye my hair  --done many times

184.  Go grey gracefully

185.  Explore Ghost towns of Pacific Northwest

186.  Go on an African safari

187.  Go to top of Pikes Peak--done

188.  Visit Romania and see Dracula's castle

189.  See Holland in bloom

190.  See Easter Island

191.  See Seven wonders

192.  Become a parent-- done

193. Pay off my home

194.  Get my passport

195.  Attend ComicCon

196.  Attend Nutcracker

197.  Go to a Buirlesque show

198.  Kiss under mistletoe

199. Read a classical greek novel

200.  Eat Beignet and drink coffee at Cafe Du Monde

201.  Get a psychic reading or palm reading

202.  Collect coins from all over the world

203.  Go to a Chocolate factory

204.  Spend the night on a boat

205.  Ride a rollercoaster--done--rode oldest wooden coaster in CT

206.  Stand under a waterfall

207.  Ride a dirt bike.--done and crashed bike in grass and me on the dirt road

208.  Ride a horse-- done 1987

209.  Visit all 50 States--  ??/50

210.  Outdoor hot springs bathing

211.  Attend Music Festival

212.  Floating lanterns

213 Collect coins from around world

214.  Travel solo

215.  Say Thank you/Hello 100 way

216 Tour Chocolate Factory

217.  Take a Brewery tour

218.  Go to a Casino

219.  Build a 3-D puzzle (of my choosing)

220.  Attend Haunted House tour

221.  Go to a Botanical Garden-- South Carolina and Denver

222.  Go to an Aquarium-- done seen a few.

223.  Plant a successful vegetable garden/ herb garden

224.  Buy a good digital camera

225.  Own a original piece of artwork-- own aspens in guest room

226.  Cook a fancy Holiday dinner--hosted Thanksgivings/Christmas dinners

227.  Be an organ donor

228.  Stay awake for 24 hours---work all night and attend conference next day.

229.  Snorkel--Belize

230.  Visit 59 National Parks

231.  Do what makes you happy.

232.  Visit 8 Wonders of the World

233.  Spend more time playing cards, learn to really play pinochle.

234.  Enjoy a white Christmas--done Montana

235.  Enjoy a hot Christmas--done Florida

236.  Try Escargot????